28 June - 30 September 2011
28 Jun - 30 Sep 2011 London

Ben Brown Fine Arts is pleased to announce our second solo exhibition of works by Heribert C. Ottersbach, widely considered to be one of the most distinguished contemporary German painters working today. The exhibition offers a comprehensive insight into the artist's creative output since 2008 and demonstrates Ottersbach's shift from landscape to urban painting, featuring paintings on canvas and a selection of works on paper.

The processes of Modernity, debates surrounding the discourse of painting and the relationship of the artist to society and history are central themes in Ottersbach's work. Born in Cologne in 1960, the artist has lived through landmark events that were recognised as history in the making. The fall of the Berlin Wall was particularly significant for Ottersbach as it represented the end of Utopianism, the ideals of modernism and a shift into the realms of post modernity; new perspectives of society and histories that could be created. 

"If painting still wants to be taken seriously within the overall social discourse, and not be dismissed as office, insurance, or bank building-compatible service, it must establish its canon anew. Less is no longer more." 
- Heribert C. Ottersbach