MIQUEL BARCELÓ: Recent paintings, ceramics and sculpture

24 May - 29 July 2011

Ben Brown Fine Arts is extremely proud to present the first Hong Kong exhibition of recent works by internationally renowned Spanish artist Miquel Barceló; widely regarded as one of the most important artists working today. The exhibition will present a number of large, heavily textured and abstract paintings, forming a contextual backdrop to the ceramic and bronze works which have played a crucial role in the artist's practice since the mid-1990s. Barceló parlays the traditional serious nature of sculpture, into expressionist emotive casts of bronze, one of his preferred mediums. Thus, the small and uncanny Pinocchio mort, a cast representing a human skull with an oversized nose successfully functions as an eyebrow raising counterpart of the equally witty, giant Elephandret.

Enrique Juncosa, former curator of the Irish Museum of Modern Art and Miquel Barceló's solo exhibition at the Venice Biennale, describes Barceló as "one of the few contemporary artists who feels comfortable working in a rural idiom. In doing so, he confronts subjects of fundamental importance, subjects that have troubled and preoccupied us for an eternity."