27 March - 10 May 2018
27 Mar - 10 May 2018 Hong Kong

Ben Brown Fine Arts is thrilled to present its first solo exhibition of collaborative twin brothers Gert and Uwe Tobias, to be held at the Hong Kong gallery and coinciding with Art Basel Hong Kong 2018.  The artists will present a new series of large-scale handmade woodcuts on canvas, mixed media works on paper, and unique ceramic vases. 


The 44 year old Romanian-born brothers, based in Cologne, Germany, work as a collaborative producing fantastical, enigmatic, otherworldly imagery, employing a diverse range of traditional and contemporary artistic practices in their woodcuts, collages, ceramic sculptures and installations.  The brothers draw profound inspiration from their native Transylvania, incorporating folkloric legend, vernacular motifs, costumery and handicraft into their work, while distinguishing it with references to contemporary culture and other art historic influences such as Russian Suprematism and Surrealism.  Their ability to blur and subvert the lines between fine art and craft, decoration and abstraction, folklore and history, hand-made and processed, and the ancient and post-modern, results in a highly unique, inimitable and fascinating body of work.