12 May - 25 June 2011
12 May - 25 Jun 2011 London

Ben Brown Fine Arts is delighted to present an exhibition of new paintings by Tony Bevan, an artist who has been at the forefront of British visual arts for almost thirty years and is widely considered to be one of Britain's leading figurative painters. The exhibition highlights the artist's intense thematic investigations over the past three decades with his consistent, yet progressive focus on the human head, architectural interiors and most recently, landscapes.This exhibition is particularly exciting, as it coincides with a retrospective of five Self-Portraits by Tony Bevan at prestigious National Portrait Gallery, London which is open until 11 December 2011. 

Throughout  Bevan's  works  there  is  a  unifying  elemental  structure  among  his  new  landscapes,  architectural drawings, and figurative heads. In his distinctive pigment-rich skeletal forms, Bevan highlights strong angles, through the  thick  lines  and marks of pure  colour. Bevan's profound  aesthetic owes much  to his use of  charcoal and  self-produced acrylic paints. Many of his works are produced while lying flat on the ground of his studio, allowing Bevan to force the pigment into the pores of the canvas or paper.