MARTIN MULL: The Eight Seasons

20 April - 4 June 2010
20 Apr - 4 Jun 2010 London

Ben Brown Fine Arts is pleased to present our second solo exhibition of works by American painter Martin Mull running from April 20until June 4at 12 Brook's Mews, London. Drawing equally from lifestyle magazines and life experience, Martin Mull cleverly appropriates visual material from both, imbuing his paintings with a sense of nostalgia for the lost 'golden years' of  1950s America


The saying goes 'stick to what you know best', and Martin Mull certainly has stuck to satire. From his early days of stand-up comedy, to a long sojourn in the land of American television sitcoms, Mull since 1980, has returned to painting full time and with a vengeance. In The Eight Seasons, Martin Mull takes a voyeuristic peak over the white picket fence, and penetrates through niceties of post-war suburban culture. Mull's reinterpretation of the theme of the four seasons is a concrete extension of his previous endeavors and his self-consciously synthetic, compact cinematic snap shots play out a warped sitcom featuring black and white nudes residing within the colourful backdrop of suburban Los Angeles. As the viewer struggles to discern one season from the other, it quickly becomes apparent the immediate lack of any distinguishable season thereof.