24 June - 19 September 2009
24 Jun - 19 Sep 2009 London

Ben Brown Fine Arts is proud to present a body of works by Donald Sultan, one of the most significant artists to emerge in the 1980's. Featuring paintings and works on paper from 1984 to present, this exhibition will highlight his most iconic imagery. From lemons to dominoes to flowers, these deceptively complex works epitomize the distinctive stylistic approach he employs to depict objects inhabiting our everyday world.

Though Donald Sultan has exhibited widely throughout the world and his works are featured in many distinguished collections, including more than 50 museums worldwide, he has not exhibited in the UK since 1989. Ben Brown is delighted to be able to re-present such a pertinent contemporary artist to London.

Early in his career Sultan developed an intricate additive and subtractive approach to painting. Preparing his signature surface involves bolting a standard four-foot-square sheet of plywood to wooden stretchers, onto which he glues 12-inch-square vinyl floor tiles and applies butyl rubber (commonly used in roofing) to the surface. This industrial substance has a distinctive quality as it dries - it extends the picture's edge creating organic yet definite outlines, and serves as a ready-made, negative space.