Alighiero Boetti: Un Pozzo Senza Fine, Embroideries

23 January - 7 April 2006

Ben Brown Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition by Alighiero Boetti: Un Pozzo Senza Fine. On display is a wide range of embroideries which form a fascinating and important segment in his oeuvre. The embroideries were first fabricated in Afghanistan and then after the Russian invasion in 1979, the production was moved to Pakistan. Boetti designed his pieces in Italy with the help of his assistants and then travelled to Afghanistan and later to Pakistan at least twice a year with his drafts.


Alighiero Boetti was born in Turin in 1940. His first works which were created in the 1960s were more object oriented and fitted well within the realms of Arte Povera. However, his work became progressively more similar to that of conceptual artists such as On Kawara (time) and Lawrence Wiener (language). Boetti concentrated more on the creative conception of the work and left its execution to others - in case of the embroideries to Afghani women. This would also enable Boetti to integrate Eastern culture and its tradition in his works (often represented by Farsi writing) since he was very much interested in the principle of polar forces and harmonies and hence, bridging West and East. Boetti died in Rome in 1994.