Project Room HK — Kitty Chou: It's just water...

23 March - 23 April 2013
23 Mar - 23 Apr 2013 Hong Kong

Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong, is honoured to present the first Hong Kong solo gallery exhibition for artist Kitty Chou. This series of lyrical, semi-abstract photographs will bring together a rich and complex body of work created over the past two years.


As the simplicity of the exhibition title suggests, Chou has dedicated herself to documenting water and its elemental interactions with light, nature, people and found objects.  Working with what seems a very Zen and focused subject matter results in myriad and disparate compositions; the artist has transcended the simplicity of water and delved into its ethereal properties and possibilities. The rippling effects of wind, the shimmering reflections of leaves and branches, the looming shadow of a figure, the playful abstract patterns achieved by floating objects all infuse Chou's photographs with dialogue and character.