NOT VITAL: Landscapes

22 May - 10 August 2013
22 May - 10 Aug 2013 Hong Kong

Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong, is pleased to present NOT VITAL: Landscapes, an exhibition of
the Swiss-born artist's most recent sculptures, primarily created in China. This is the first time
Vital's works will be  shown  in  depth  in Hong Kong. Landscapes  will run concurrently  with  the
exhibition FRANK AUERBACH: Portraits at the gallery, both opening during Art Basel Hong Kong.  

The exhibition presents three major bodies of sculptural work by the artist: the 'Lotus', 'Cow Dung'
and 'Dali marble' sculptural-relief series.  Since 2007, Vital has been creating sculptural iterations
of  the  lotus,  a  tropical  flower  revered  throughout  history  for  its  divine  beauty  and  symbolic potency,  referenced  in  Greek  mythology,  ancient  Hinduism  and  Buddhism.  Vital  has monumentalized the form in reflective stainless steel, creating unique hand-chased lotus flowers that lean against walls or stand freely outdoors.  This surreal distortion is a common trope for the artist,  who  presents  organic  forms  using  unexpected  and  incongruous  materials,  instilling  the works and the objects they represent with new meaning.  The exhibition will bring together three new 'Lotus' works, each over 3 metres tall.