22 May - 10 August 2013
22 May - 10 Aug 2013 Hong Kong

Frank Auerbach, one of Britain's most accomplished living artists, will have his first solo exhibition in Asia at Ben Brown Fine Arts in Hong Kong from 22 May 2013. By concentrating  solely on a select group of portrait paintings and drawings, from the 1970s to the present day, this exhibition demonstrates  the  remarkable  insight  of  a  famously  hermetic  artist.  Running  concurrently  at  the gallery with the exhibition NOT VITAL: Landscapes, both shows will open during Art Basel Hong Kong. 

At the age of 82, Auerbach is one of the few remaining British painters of his generation, which included  his  close  friend  and  colleague  Lucian  Freud.  For  more  than  fifty  years  Auerbach  has worked  in  the  same  modest  studio  in  north  London  with  diligence  and  an  almost  monastic absorption. Most of Auerbach's models have been sitting for him for decades, and so his oeuvre serves as an extended meditation on a select coterie of subjects. Included in this exhibition are portraits of his son Jake, his wife Julia, art critic William Feaver, curator Catherine Lampert and businessman David Landau, all of whom faithfully sit for him on a regular basis.