28 March - 7 May 2014
28 Mar - 7 May 2014 Hong Kong

Presented by Jehan Chu
and curated by Olivia Wang



Cai Xiaosong 蔡小松

Arnold Chang 张洪

Koon Wai Bong 管伟邦

Li Huayi 李华弌

Liu Dan 刘丹

Luo Jianwu 罗建武

Master of the Water Pine
and Stone Retreat 水松石山房主人

Ou Da Wei 区大为

Tai Xiangzhou 泰祥洲

Zhang Yirong 张艺蓉


Ben Brown Fine Arts Hong Kong is pleased to present Meditations in Nature: New Ink, an exhibition curated by Olivia Wang that brings together ten contemporary artists working in the time-honored tradition of Chinese ink painting.  Each of these artists have found a unique form of self expression in this traditional method, bringing a two thousand year old art practice firmly into the contemporary realm.  These mystical, meditative, nature-inspired works pay reverence to the rich artistic past of China and demonstrate that artists do not have to make radical departures from the past in order to innovate.