13 September - 15 November 2014
13 Sep - 15 Nov 2014 Hong Kong

Ben Brown Fine Arts Hong Kong will open the first solo exhibition of works by Gavin Turk in Asia.  The highly acclaimed British artist, who will attend the opening, will bring together a varied selection from his iconic and provocative oeuvre spanning the last decade.  The exhibition will include a new trompe l’oeil sculpture, a room of neon works, and a room dedicated to his ‘after’ Warhol series. 


Over the last three decades, Turk has relentlessly challenged the notions of value, authorship and identity in his work, audaciously referencing both modern masters and himself in the pieces he creates.  This exhibition will offer Asia a glimpse into the highly original and conceptually challenging working methods of one of Britain’s most important living artists. 


Inspired by a recent visit to Hong Kong, Turk created a Styrofoam box sculpture especially for this exhibition, adding to his infamous trompe l’oeil sculpture series in which he casts a substantial bronze sculpture from a seemingly ephemeral object and then paints it to further obfuscate the true materiality of the piece.  In this case, Turk chose a polystyrene container commonly used to transport fish in Hong Kong’s wet markets, thus elevating a familiarly banal object to an undeniably significant piece of art, pushing the viewer to take notice of the form and function of the object.