13 October - 3 December 2011

Ben Brown Fine Arts is pleased to announce the gallery's first exhibition of works by Nabil Nahas, widely considered to be the most distinguished Lebanese artist working today. The exhibition is the artist's first in London since his major museum retrospective at the Beirut Exhibition Center in June 2010.


Nahas is renowned for his mastery of colour and texture in his atmospheric, layered paintings. The works in the exhibition display his characteristic textured treatment of the painted surface, built with layer upon layer of thickly encrusted acrylic paint mixed with pumice and often finished in vivid colours.


By reiterating one singular form, the artist reflects the micro processes of nature, conjuring notions of spontaneous growth and evolution of organic life. "I am not what you would describe as a strictly 'abstract' painter, I am looking at organic forms, repeating and conjuring the minute parts of nature again and again." Nahas reconciles the opposites of ideal geometry with the inconsistencies of the natural world's 'perfect geometry.'

Installation Views