Keith Haring: Sculptures, Paintings and Works on Paper

7 June - 23 September 2005

Ben Brown Fine Arts is pleased to announce the exhibition of works by Keith Haring.


Haring's work has not been exhibited in Central London since his last show at the Robert Fraser Gallery in 1983. This show took place in the same building on Cork Street where Ben Brown Fine Arts is currently located. The exhibition will comprise sculptures, painting and drawings which represent the culmination of Keith Haring's tragically short life and are some of his finest pieces. The colourful and light-hearted subjects of his pieces and the straightforward design and simplicity of his sculptures ensure that they are enjoyed and appreciated by all. Keith Haring's ability to transcend boundaries of age, class and race adds another dimension to his works and therein lies the genius of the artist.


Haring emerged in the late 1970's as part of a sub-culture in New York City. His work can be traced back to Dubuffet and similar artists who focused on the self expression of outsiders or underdogs, children or the mentally ill. Haring has chosen Graffiti as means to express his thoughts and feelings. Interestingly enough, Graffiti was only accepted as an art form in the art world in the early 1970's. Starting out as a graffiti painter in New York's subways, Haring was able to transcend his underground image into the fine art world without losing any of the spontaneity and freshness in his work. His diverse output is nowadays universally recognizable remaining as poignant as during his lifetime. Haring was very much interested in the role of chance in situations rarely preparing sketches for his paintings or preplanning his murals. He left the interpretation of his art to the public and the art critics. In his tragically short life (1958-1990) he has been able to leave his mark on the art world.

Installation Views