HEINZ MACK: Colour Light Rhythm: Paintings and sculptures 1957 - 2011

30 November 2011 - 20 January 2012
30 Nov 2011 - 20 Jan 2012 Hong Kong

Ben Brown Fine Arts is delighted to announce Colour Light Rhythm, the first exhibition in Hong Kong for the German artist, Heinz Mack. The artist's contribution to twentieth century European art is staggering and his commitment to his aesthetic principles is unwavering, even now in his eighties. Mack has worked across a diverse range of media and his entire oeuvre rests on the central phenomena of colour, light and rhythm. The exhibition demonstrates the interplay between these tenants in a range of paintings and sculptures created by Mack throughout the past five decades.


Mack entered the canon of art history for his part in creating ZERO, an artistic movement founded with Otto Piene in 1957. The Dusseldorf based duo were responding to the tenuous position of post war Germany, seizing the opportunity to begin again at zero in a time of economic growth and creative vacuum. Over one hundred artists would come to be associated with ZERO, which became a trans-international and trans-generational movement, officially ending in 1967.