VIK MUNIZ at Museo Universidad de Navarra

23 September 2020 - 22 March 2021

Museo Universidad de Navarra

Campus Universitario

31009 Pamplona



We are proud to announce the exhibition of Brazilian artist Vik Muniz at the Museo Universidad de Navarra in Spain. The exhibition includes a selection of works with special emphasis on his latest series. In his work, Muniz, who began his career as a sculptor, plays with images and objects to create works that transcend the mere photographic image to generate new readings about reality and its representation. In this way, he reinterprets and re-interprets iconic works of universal history, as well as family photographs that belong to his personal collection, using various materials, such as chocolate, waste objects and garbage, toys, and in his latest works even bacterial microorganisms. With all of this, he creates new images, generally with a sculptural and three-dimensional character, from which the final work is generated, which for Muniz is always a photograph.


September 16, 2020