10 Galleries To Visit At Hong Kong Spotlight By Art Basel

Hong Kong Tatler, by Oliver Giles

Ben Brown Fine Arts is showcasing two very different approaches to abstraction in its booth, hanging some of Gerhard Richter's famous squeegee paintings alongside calligraphy-inspired pieces by José Parlá. 

Gerhard Richter is widely considered one of the most influential artists alive. He was born in Germany in 1932, survived WWII and then lived in East Germany under Soviet rule, when he found work painting Socialist Realist murals. Richter and his wife escaped to West Germany shortly before the Berlin Wall was erected. Now he is famous worldwide both for his early photorealist canvases and his bold, abstract squeegee paintings. 

American artist José Parlá makes paintings, videos, photographs and sculptures, many of them inspired by graffiti and text found in cities, such as on street signs or posters.

December 2, 2020