Enoc Perez, Brigitte Schindler, Carlo Mollino Mollino/Insides at Collezione Maramotti

Artforum Spotlight

Collezione Maramotti, in collaboration with Museo Casa Mollino, is presenting "Mollino/Insides", an exhibition that brings together paintings by Enoc Perez and photographs by Brigitte Schindler and Carlo Mollino.

The show will begin with glimpses of Mollino's last, mysterious residence in Via Napione, Turin - now a museum - as transformed by Perez's brush and Schindler's lens, and end with Mollino's own photographs of models, which blur into the enigmatic essence of the imaginary they inhabit.

Since the late 1990s, NYC-based Puerto Rican artist Enoc Perez has been investigating iconic buildings of the twentieth century and the role they have taken on in the popular imagination, as social metaphors of fascination and beauty. Perez turns buildings and rooms into paintings, working from photographic images and adding new levels of interpretation and meaning.

Schindler's photographs - exhibited here for the first time - capture the suspended mystery of these spaces, the subtle connections between the objects that Mollino carefully chose and arranged. Schindler focuses on the details, on how they can become keys to unlock a magical door of the gaze.

March 3, 2021