The Picasso Museum in Malaga showcases the creative universe of Miquel Barceló

Vozpopuli magazine

It seems that Miquel Barceló's creativity has no limits. The exhibition that the Picasso Museum of Malaga hosts until September, under the title Metamorphosis,is a good proof of this. Ceramics, paintings, watercolors, artist's notebooks and even illustrated books - about one hundred works in total - are part of this exhibition that pays attention to two of Barceló's characteristics: the transhumane cultural condition of an artist who lives between Mallorca, Paris and Mali and who creates his own artistic universe where he travels - there are watercolors made in Thailand or India, and his capacity for reinvention. "Every work is experimental," he points out, "each work is an essay for another, which may never exist. And I think that's as valid for my painting as it is for my pottery or for anything that comes out of my hand."

April 13, 2021