Gold Hooks and Political Looks – Yoan Capote

Trebuchet Magazine
Renowned Cuban artist Yoan Capote is rustling into town and will show at Ben Brown Fine Arts now that lockdown allows. Boats, gold, and the human cost; the weft of these symbols runs deep through the heart of both the Cuban experience and that of sea-faring immigrants. Many viewers ascribe these themes to Capote but whether accurately or simply as PR fascia we must judge ourselves. The prettiness of Capote’s installation work underplays his challenge to position, capital, history and privilege in a coy way. In the gallery setting are these moral statements easy because we’re distant? Furthermore is there yet a barbed entreaty in his work which ridicules the idle rich through sly winks and gold-encrusted fishhooks. Bait, Bluster or Revelation, we wait to see.
September 16, 2021