Ben Brown Fine Arts presents Awol Erizku: COSMIC DRILL

Daily Art News
Ben Brown Fine Arts presents Awol Erizku's first solo exhibition in Europe for five years, CosmiC Drill from January 27 to April 6, 2023.

 Cosmic Drill is the third solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Awol Erizku at Ben Brown Fine Arts.


The exhibition comes on the heels of his critically lauded shows with Ben Brown Fine Arts, 慢慢燃燒 Slow Burn (Hong Kong, 2018) and Make America Great Again (London, 2017). This exhibition will present an enticing new body of work that combines the disciplines of painting, photography, and sculpture while drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources such as street markings, hip-hop music, basketball, dice games, and NASA telescopic data.

December 14, 2022