VIK MUNIZ: Pictures of Anything

at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Lilly & Yoel Moshe Elstein Multi-Purpose Gallery Herta and Paul Amir Building, Tel Aviv

28 March - 2 August 2014

This comprehensive exhibition of Vik Muniz (born in Brazil, 1961) covers 25 years of the artist's oeuvre, in which familiar images from the history of art and other sources are transformed in scale and into unexpected materials - sugar, chocolate, ketchup, diamonds, dust and garbage - in a process culminating in a new photographic image. Muniz' work challenges conventional viewing and raises questions about appropriation, original and copy. The exhibition includes most of his series, including "Pictures of Chocolate," "Pictures of Dust," "Pictures of Earth" and "Pictures of Garbage."

July 14, 2014