HEINZ MACK: The Sky Over Nine Columns

at Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (CAC), Valencia

June 24 – November 2016

For the installation The Sky Over Nine Columns Heinz Mack designed nine columns measuring more than seven meters in height, with a light-reflecting golden surface made up of 850,000 mosaic tiles. These 2 x 2 cm. mosaic stones, covered in 24-carat gold leaf, were produced in Venice, applied to the substrate of the columns in Dubai and shipped back to Venice.

To appreciate the full effect of the installation, the viewer is invited to walk alongside the pillars or stroll among them as if through an open temple. "Column and pillar connected the earth with the sky and ultimately supported a roof. As a poetic metaphor, my ensemble of nine pillars is now conceived as bearing the sky." (Heinz Mack)

The Sky Over Nine Columns finds its third exhibition site on the grounds of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Cièncias in Valencia, on a specially constructed platform in the reflecting pool before the Hemisféric.

June 10, 2016