Tidawhitney Lek b. 1992

Tidawhitney Lek is a Cambodian-American painter. Her work plays with narrative and the Asian experiences of first- generation Americans. These bright and somber paintings present nuances of domesticity, figures and hands interacting  in composition as culture and Southeast-Asian elements echo through mundane objects found in places like the home.  She reinvents the traditional and conventional mediums like pastel, acrylic, and oil paints on canvas, interchanging  textures as pictorial spaces recede and soften. 

Lek graduated with her BFA from California State University, Long Beach, with an emphasis on Drawing and Painting  (2017). Her work has been exhibited at the Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum, Long Beach, CA, and  Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA. In 2020, she was selected as a finalist for the Department of Cultural  Affairs public arts commission LAX Airport Police Facility in Los Angeles.