Nobuyoshi Araki who was born in Tokyo in 1940, is celebrated for his highly intimate and unabashedly erotic images of women, often portrayed in the ancient Japanese practice of bondage known as Kinbaku.  This prolific artist has photographed thousands of women in Japan, from strangers to partners, revealing a raw and unguarded intensity in them that speaks to his emotional connection with his subject matter.  Photographs of flowers also figure significantly in Araki’s oeuvre, which he depicts with suggestively sexual and corporeal clarity, magnifying and often colouring over the images.  Araki’s output ranges from spontaneous black and white snapshots documenting his daily life and encounters to technically precise, methodically staged scenes, all celebrating human connections, sensuality and the artist’s lust for life.  The irreverent artist has gained both cult status and critical acclaim around the world, and has published over 400 limited edition books of his photographs.