Ben Brown Fine Arts is delighted to present an exhibition of new, large-scale paintings by renowned British artist Tony Bevan at the London gallery. Bevan’s distinctive graphic style, highly textured surfaces, and persistent exploration of figurative and abstract representation have made him one of the United Kingdom’s most significant contemporary painters.


The exhibition highlights Bevan’s intense thematic investigations over the past three decades of architectural constructions, trees, and imagined landscapes, each connected by a unifying elemental structure. In addition, this exhibition explores the cohesive yet dynamic evolution of Bevan’s work with the introduction of his new Place, Skylight and Throat paintings, as well as languid and emotive progressions of his Trees series.


In these refined paintings, composed of his distinctive pigment-rich skeletal forms, Bevan highlights strong angles through thick lines and marks of pure colour. Bevan's profound aesthetic can be distinguished by his exclusive use of charcoal and self-produced acrylic paints in a typically restrained palette of black and red.  Bevan vigorously applies his pure acrylic pigments and charcoal directly onto raw canvas or paper laid down on the floor of his studio, preserving the splinters and dust of the charcoal and powdery pigments on the surface of his works, resulting in a dynamic tactility and insight into his working method.

Installation Views