Claude & François-Xavier Lalanne: Sculpture

30 May - 30 June 2007

Ben Brown Fine Art is pleased to present these beautiful sculptures by the Lalannes. The gallery is especially proud to present their work again, 31 years after their Whitechapel Art Gallery show, their last one in England. Over the past 35 years they have created masterpieces that are individual to both artists and their personal perspectives. They work together to create an inspiring, imaginary world that invites the spectator to envisage and participate in a wonderfully uncomplicated art that is enjoyed by all. Combining modern methods with traditional craftsmanship, they create objects 'to live with' through a visionary talent that transcends uniformity and standard expectations of modern design.

They appear to work outside the circles of the major artistic movements of the time and in what appears as joyful innocence in rejection of the demands for art of the time. Their independence as artists and desire to work against the grain is what won them their critical acclaim. They create a sculptural fiction, their works reflect the most vivid metaphors of speech, diverting the attention and creating amusement. Their skills work to compliment each other, François-Xavier thinking practically and Claude improvising freely.

Installation Views