CANDIDA HÖFER / RUI XAVIER: Silent Spaces - Screening, Bookpresentation, Booksigning

at C/O Berlin Foundation - Courtyard of Amerika Haus, Berlin

30 June 2015

Begin from 8.30 pm
Presentation / Booksigning 9 pm
Screening 10 pm . free admission
Publication 80 page, 97 color images . Hardcover with Linen, incl. DVD (40min), published by Distanz Verlag, Berlin

People are omnipresent in her photographic tableaus - silent, fleeting, indirect and completely invisible. Candida Höfer follows human traces and subtle signs of life in the vast empty spaces of museums, libraries, theatres, opera houses, palaces and universities. She directs the gaze to the frequently overlooked pragmatic details of these everyday public places and their aesthetic qualities. Hence her large format photographs are quiet, visual reflections on symmetry, form, surface and structure.

Just like her auratic works, Candida Höfer is considered virtually inapproachable. She herself always remains hidden behind her photographs. Rui Xavier has engaged with this aspect that is very particular to the artist and follows Candida Höfer while she is photographing with a great deal of respect, when she is working in her studio and at home, as well as in the preparation of exhibitions in Düsseldorf, London and São Paulo. "Silent Spaces" is a visual series of observations and variations on Candida Höfer's creative work process and artistic approach. What is important about what we see? How can we communicate what we see? How can we stay truthful? The result is a dense filmic portrait of the artist, which manages without words, trusting in its own visual language.

At C/O Berlin, Candida Höfer and Rui Xavier will present the result of their two-year collaboration. The book with its accompanying DVD will be published in June 2015 by Distanz Verlag; a limited edition will also be available. Candida Höfer will exclusively sign her new book "Silent Spaces".

June 18, 2015