Frieze Masters

North East Corner of Regent's Park, 2022年10月13日 - 10月16日 

Ben Brown Fine Arts is excited to return to Frieze Masters (Booth B13), this year with a curated selection of masterworks from some of the most noteworthy and influential Post-War artists from across Europe and the US. The presentation includes seminal works by Frank AuerbachTony Bevan and Peter Doig (UK); Lucio Fontana (Argentina, Italy), Alighiero Boetti and Enrico Castellani  (Italy); Gerhard Richter (Germany); François-Xavier Lalanne and Jean Dubuffet (France); Miquel BarcelóJuan Muñoz and Antoni Tàpies (Spain); and Willem de Kooning (US, Netherlands) and Robert Indiana (US). 


The presentation elicits dialogue between artists from around the world during the Post-War era, and examines how they each challenged notions and traditions of the past while bringing forth radical new ideas and practices that would change the trajectory of art history.


VIP PREVIEW (by invitation only) 

Wednesday, October 12,  11am - 7pm 

Thursday, October 13, 11 am-1pm



Thursday, October 13, 1pm - 7pm 

Friday- Saturday, October 15, 11am - 7pm

Sunday, October 16, 11am - 6pm


The entrance for Frieze Masters is located on Gloucester Green, at the north-east corner of The Regent’s Park, near the London Zoo. Frieze London is approximately 15 minutes walk from Frieze Masters.